I am very new to Zimba and fairly rubbish on Linux so please excuse my lack of technical know-how.

I have set-up an instance of ZCS 4.0 running under Fedore Core 4 in order to replace an existing Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 installation.

I have used the instructions found at http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Split_Domain to configure ZCS to be the secondary system in a split domain set-up using the commands shown below

$ zmprov md example.com zimbraMailCatchAllAddress @example.com
$ zmprov md example.com zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress @example.com
$ zmprov md example.com zimbraMailTransport smtp:mail.example.com

All this is working perfectly and I can now gradually migrate my Exchnage 5.5 users over to Zimbra.

My question is that when the migration is complete I want to re-set Zimbra to the normal default configuration where mail for recipients in example.com will be rejected when the recipient mailbox does not exist, this of course needs to be for both mail coming from outside and mail originating from Zimbra users. How do I do this?