Hello Zimbra Team,

Thank you for creating this fantastic product! I have been really impressed with the rich features and UI as well as the powerful cli tools for migrating my data to Zimbra. I am currently using the latest release of the open-source edition (version 6.0.9).

I have a question about importing users' calendars into Zimbra. I am currently using a Horde/Kronolith setup for calendars. I have the ability to export each user's calendar to an ics file, which I know I can import into Zimbra. However, many of these calendars are shared between users. Specifically, there is 1 entry for a shared event in the Kronolith database and then that entry lists the user IDs who each have that event on their calendar. I am concerned that if I simply migrate the ics files, these shared events will become separate duplicate events on each user's calendar. This will be a problem if someone goes to update an event and the change is only reflected on their calendar.

How is Zimbra's calendar system structured? Is it possible for me to migrate to Zimbra and maintain these shared calendars?