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Thread: Avaya Modular Messaging

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    Default Avaya Modular Messaging

    I am looking into the feasibility of migrating from exchange to Zimbra. I have Avaya Modular Messaging that uses exchange. I am uncertain of all the work I did for integrating it with exchange. It was a long time ago. I seem to recall I created a user that has access to everyones inbox and can check to see if mail sent by it are read. Has anyone looked at using Avaya modular messaging with Zimbra?
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    Avaya's Aura Messaging now natively supports integration with Zimbra, so you can have a true unified messaging solution with Voicemails in your Zimbra mailbox, accessing them using any Zimbra supported client including iPhones or your PC client.

    If you would like more information visit us @ BrantTel Networks and we can provide you with a demonstration of how it works.

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