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Thread: Exchange appointment missing reminder settings

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    Question Exchange appointment missing reminder settings

    Hello everyone,

    I am helping an organization migrate from Exchange 2003 to Zimbra 6.0.9. I am having a problem with the migration of Exchange calendar data. All of the appointments are being migrated by the wizard; however, the appointments do not retain their reminder settings. All appointments are set to "Never" rather than whatever their reminder interval is in Exchange.

    Q: Has anyone seen this before?
    Q: Is this a known issue? (I could not find a bug or post)
    Q: Any known work around or idea for a work around?

    Thank you much.


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    I am experiencing this and will create my own thread as I'm on version 7.1.O_GA_3140.

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    I am migrating from Exchange 2003 to Zimbra OSE 7.20.

    I ran the Exchange Migration Wizard v7.2.0.517 on a Windows XP machine with Outlook 2007 using it's MAPI profile.

    I just tested 3 mailboxes and verified that it did set the reminder (which was 15 minutes beforehand).
    Type su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol -v" to get your version and copy that into your profile (more info here)

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