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Thread: Question for Zimbra Employee

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    Default Question for Zimbra Employee

    I posted this question in another post, but thought perhaps I would get a faster reply if I made a separate thread for it:


    Well, I have found out how to move threads as a moderator.

    I am just wondering if perhaps we should get the "OK" from the Zimbra team first. I can run around and gather up all the threads that pertain to backups and or migrations, I would just like to receive the official permission for this.

    So Zimbra Team:

    Can I search the exisiting threads for posts that pertain to Backups, Restores and Migrations, and move those threads into the "Migration" topic?

    I only ask because it can be a sensitive issue if you start mucking with other peoples posts and I don't want to be caught with my pants down.


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    Yes, please go for it. I wanted to do this but have been very busy. Can't keep up on all the new posts so if you have the time to collect and move the related post that would be great. Also you may want to move the *best* posts to the wiki in summary form and add a sticky post linking to that.
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