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Thread: sbs-2003 -> ZCS failing with ZCS Exchange Migration Wizard

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    Default sbs-2003 -> ZCS failing with ZCS Exchange Migration Wizard

    Hi there,

    so I'm on an Ubuntu 10.4 server with zimbra 6.0.10 trying to migrate existing MS exchange mailboxes from an sbs 2003 server.

    I'm using this guy here ZCSExchangeMigrationWizard-6.0.10_GA_2692.exe.
    But he's not making it easy so far..the error is:
    RPC Error:- WinHttpSendRequest failed
    I don't consider the ssl certificate complainings as an error :-).

    The server is called mail ( and I can send and receive mail (in and extern).
    I have a split dns setup on the same server since I am on a private network.
    The dig tests seem to work fine; I get similar results as here.

    The migration wizard fails at the very last step which is the actual conversion of the user's MS exchange mailbox.

    ps: this is my first try at ZCS.

    many thanks,
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