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Thread: [Small] migration from Kolab2

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    Default [Small] migration from Kolab2

    I am looking for a solution for a collaboration server, and Zimbra was recommended to me (actually, it was recommended on the Linux Action Show podcast). Currently I am running Kolab2, and the hardware is dying.

    I would stick with Kolab, but its installation is just a bit clunky under Debian... Basically it installs RPMs on the system using openpackage, with many of them duplicating packages already on the system. So I thought I would have a go with Zimbra, since it came so highly recommended.

    My question is whether I can import my mail store from Kolab2. Kolab is basically Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, SASL, spamassassin, amavis and clamav. Is there a way I can back up Kolab's mailstore in such a way as to make it importable into Zimbra?


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    Yes, you can use imapsync to import the mail, have a look in the wiki and you'll see some details there. Ah, here it is I've just been looking at it. You might also like to look at this post for a few additional commants on imapsync.


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