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Thread: Importing shadow file with special character

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    Question Importing shadow file with special character

    I used a script in wiki to create a zmprov file to migrate a password. The file looks like this:-

    ma userPassword '{crypt}$1$$zJPUhyStfGSV9o8lf.tAa0'
    ma userPassword '{crypt}$1$$xzLdYyir1/ZNdxKT.mAa2/'

    When I try to run the file through zmprov there, the command will be split to a new line.. something like this

    ma userPassword '{crypt}$1$
    ma userPassword '{crypt}$1$

    I open the file through vi, then I can see there are special character ^A after second $ in the crypt. This special character force the command to split into 2. How can I escape this character so it's can feed as 1 line to zmprov?

    About 70% of line have this ^A character.

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    if seems ^A is chr(01) - ascii code 1.

    Anyway to escape this character to zmprov?

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