I'm on the way to test and later migrate our current mail server (fedora 1 + courier-imap and exim) to zimbra 7.

Please can someone help me with these issues?

1- What is the best way to simply migrate users mailboxes from the old server to the new one? in detail, is it possible to have a script that 1) create user entries that are on the old servers; 2) copy the corresponding mail data to the new zimbra server; 3) no problem for password can be set to blank or 123 for example (as the users will have to abilitie to change their pwd from zimbra's webmail interface.

2- I'm thining about reducing authentication factors in my network. (SSOing to AD thant is in the LAN; LAN AD's domain is : company.local.

Zimbra mail server is in the DMZ. zimbra will be handling mails for company.fr.

Is it possible to have zimbra user authenticating with their AD account? LDAP, kerberos? knowing I'm not a master in LDAP, Kerberos manipulations, for now......