Hi guys, I was working just perfect with de 6 version of Zimbra. My outlook clientes were working just fine, they were able to send messages from Internet through My Zimbra Server using plain authentication.

I did the migration yesterday to Zimbra 7, and everything looks just awesome...BUT.... they are not able anymore to send emails from internet using their outlooks...

Whenever I see the mailbox.log, it goes like this when they try to send...:

2011-03-04 12:36:19,834 INFO [Pop3Server-1] [ip=190.158.2xx.xx;] pop - connected
2011-03-04 12:36:19,914 INFO [Pop3Server-1] [ip=190.158.2xx.xx;] pop - -ERR mechanism not specified (AUTH )
2011-03-04 12:36:20,010 INFO [Pop3Server-1] [name=name@name.com;ip=190.158.2xx.xx;] pop - user name@name.com authenticated, mechanism=LOGIN
2011-03-04 12:36:20,501 INFO [Pop3Server-1] [name=name@name.com;ip=190.158.2xx.xx;] pop - quit from client
2011-03-04 12:36:20,502 INFO [Pop3Server-1] [] ProtocolHandler - Handler exiting normally

DO I HAVE TO DOWNGRADE in order to get this thing working again?