Hi there

Our Zimbra license is expiring soon and we may not yet renew it. I've noticed this article License Expiration - Zimbra :: Wiki listing what will happen on the license expiration day - but this article was last modified in 2009. So I just wanted to confirm where there any other major changes that would occur?

When, having downgraded to Open edition, will there be any problems with me creating new user accounts? For example, will I need to do this (from http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...-source.html):
zmprov md <DOMAIN> zimbraDomainMaxAccounts <NEW LIMIT>

Also if later on down the track we wanted to renew Zimbra again, can I confirm the steps (below - there are two, which one do I use?).

Step A

Source: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/migrati...k-edition.html

  1. su zimbra
  2. zmcontrol -v (write down)
  3. zmcontrol stop
  4. do a backup (copy ENTIRE /opt/zimbra and any symlinked/mounted directories/folders-try to keep permissions intact)
  5. download the Network Edition (as close of a version as you can find), unzip it in /opt or wherever
  6. ./install.sh (you should get prompted if you want to upgrade from an existing version of Zimbra (obviously choose yes)
  7. follow prompts/instructions, new license end's up in /opt/zimbra/conf/ZCSLicense.xml (you might have to put it there manually)

Step B

Source: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/install...en-source.html

Stop Zimbra, take a backup of your /opt/zimbra directory then run the installer to 'upgrade' to the open source edition