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Thread: Automatic Account Creation

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    Default Automatic Account Creation

    Hi guys,

    I recently installed Zimbra since I needed a fast and intuitive email server in a hurry, its probably a little more function rich than I need in fact, but what I was wondering was this.

    Is there a way that I could make a script which automatically creates new user accounts upon POP3 connection based off some regexps or something similar?
    Basically the only connections which will ever hit the server will be from trusted sources, and their usernames will be quite easy to make patterns off, I just have no idea where to start or if this is even possible using Zimbra.

    Any ideas, alternative solutions, advice, or help is most welcome.

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    its possible

    set up a webpage and direct your new users there,

    this page will ask your users their basic info

    and then run an ldapadd. has this.

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    I don't think zimbra has an option to do this - cyrus will do account creation on the fly, at least with patches but you need eg. the ldap entry at least to start with. In zimbra this isn't good enough - you need the account created properly - ldapadd won't do the job, use zmprov instead.

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