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Thread: Exchange migration tool mapping

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    Default Exchange migration tool mapping

    Hi folks,

    i'm on my way to migrate 100 users from Exchange 2003 to ZCS6.

    Currently, users are defined on the follwing basis:

    Full name: John SMITH
    id: jsmith

    I use Active Directory for authentication,

    When I try to use Exchange Migration tool, it keeps creating or searching for Zimbra accounts as, and that is not the correct email principal email address for my user.

    Does anybody knows if it's possible to map any Active Directory/Exchange mailbox to any Zimbra account?

    Thank you.

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    Finally i created all Zimbra accounts using zmprov in batch mode, and added as an alias the userid for each account,

    It was then possible for the Zimbra migration tool to map a AD userid to a Zimbra alias for content migration.

    thank you.

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