I'm looking to migrate my existing Oracle Calendar (standalone version) into Zimbra (open source edition). I've got some things figured out, but I wanted to ask for general advice from others that have done this migration.

I've found the guide at:
Zimbra iCalendar Migration Guide
which I believe is for the network edition and v6.

My main question is around resources and the meetings to which they are members. In our Oracle calendar, users can create a meeting and add resources to it. If I do an export in ical format for a user, I can then use the guide above to get that user's agenda into zimbra. But the resources that were part of the meetings in that agenda (in the Oracle calendar) are not listed on the meetings in zimbra. I have done some testing and found that if I also export a resource into ical format and follow the guide above, I can get that resource into zimbra. After this, then the meetings that the user was part of that had the resource now shows up in Zimbra with the resource listed as an attender.

So I guess my question for those of you that have migrated from Oracle Calendar to Zimbra is this: Is this how you did it ? Did you export each user and each resource individually and then import each into Zimbra ?