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    Default Hierarhical mailboxes

    Hi to all.

    I intend to try Zimbra and probably migrate from SquirrelMail/Postfix/Dovecot.
    My configuration is setup in such a way, that every chief receives a copy of each message sent or received by each of his subordinates. The result is that multiple copies of the same message reside in several mailboxes. This leads to a very fast increase of space requirements. I read that Zimbra can protect in such situation because it makes a hash for messages and does not allow duplicates.
    I have the following questions:
    1) if Zimbra keeps only 1 copy for each message, and if this message has several recipients - then is it possible to define administrative policy that this message must be kept (as a backup) even if all recipients have deleted their shortcuts to this message
    2) is it possible to define a hierarchy for mailboxes, so that each boss can read messages of his/her subordinates without logging out (i.e. to see others` mailboxes as subfolders of his INBOX)

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    1.You can go for Archiving/Discovery for NE Edition.
    COnfigure Alyways_use bcc in main.conf for OpenSource Edition

    2.For that User mail box you can Share the respective folder with
    respective users for visibility of specific or all folders.

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    Also for #2 there are Child mailboxes, so that all of the different mailboxes the Parent account has access to appear on the left navigation panel.
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    OpenSource edition will be my choice (we have under 100 mailboxes) - so always_bcc probably will solve my problem.
    I assume sharing of a mailbox is a prerogative of its owner - so each subordinate should share his mailbox by his own will, am I wrong ? This is not exactly what I need - I need to point out who is boss to who, and by these definitions Zimbra to figure out by itself what can see each one of the customers.
    Probably that feature with Parent/Child accounts will solve my need ?

    Thanks for your help, guys.

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    Default Not suitable

    I have installed ZCS 6.0.12 and have tested the Parent/Child feature.
    Unfortunately it is not suitable at all for my case. I do not like:
    1) there is only 1 level of hierarchy - i.e. if I am the boss and have a secretary, and she has her own personal assistant, I should make 3 Parent/Child connections (Secretary/Assistant, Boss/Secretary, Boss/Assistant), instead of 2 (Secretary/Assistant, Boss/Secretary);
    2) if my secretary receives an email and I read it before her - then it shows up as Read in his account, which is totally unappropriate for me;

    At this time, migration to Zimbra is not suitable for me.

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