Hi to all.

I intend to try Zimbra and probably migrate from SquirrelMail/Postfix/Dovecot.
My configuration is setup in such a way, that every chief receives a copy of each message sent or received by each of his subordinates. The result is that multiple copies of the same message reside in several mailboxes. This leads to a very fast increase of space requirements. I read that Zimbra can protect in such situation because it makes a hash for messages and does not allow duplicates.
I have the following questions:
1) if Zimbra keeps only 1 copy for each message, and if this message has several recipients - then is it possible to define administrative policy that this message must be kept (as a backup) even if all recipients have deleted their shortcuts to this message
2) is it possible to define a hierarchy for mailboxes, so that each boss can read messages of his/her subordinates without logging out (i.e. to see others` mailboxes as subfolders of his INBOX)