So I have a zimbra install on a fairly old FC6 box that is rather unstable (it runs a backup script that sometimes hangs shutting down zimbra, leaving the box in a pretty useless state)... and I want it to be stable.

I figured the first step is to move it to more modern hardware and put a long term supported OS on there. I'm familiar with the Debian family of linux, particularly Ubuntu, more so than Redhat, so I'll be happy to have one less old Fedora box around when all this is done.

$ zmcontrol -v
Release 4.5.5_GA_838.FC5_20070503175107 UNKNOWN FOSS edition

# cat /etc/redhat-release
Fedora Core release 6 (Zod)

What's the last painful way of doing this move? I can't even find the installer for 4.5.5 GA 838 to do a platform switch, and I'm not looking forward to long periods of downtime while I do a 4.5.5->4.5.11->5.0.1->6.0.1->7.0.1

For the vast majority of the users, zimbra is only being used for mail and as a webaccess point. I don't mind losing calendars, individual service level settings, mailbox settings, etc. I just want to get off the old/dying hardware on an ancient version.

Is there any reason why I can't just set up my new server, recreate the accounts (I think we only have a few hundred), and import them one by one with pop?