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Thread: PST import wizard problem in V7 (win7)

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    Default PST import wizard problem in V7 (win7)

    1. Whenever I launch the PST import wizard, I get a pop-up complaining about access to a windows registry entry: MSMapiApps. Is this normal?

    Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), Outlook 2010 (32-bit).

    2. We have a proxy in front of our cluster. The import wizard asks for the machine name and port in the first screen and then populates another port in the second screen. First port is 80/443, the second port is 7071. There is no mention of the second port (7071) in the documentation. What's this for? Why prompt for it?

    In a cluster, the PROXY is at ports 80/443 but the mailstore (different URL) is where 7071 is. Currently, the PROXY does not proxy 7071.

    We tried using the mailstore and 8443 in the first screen but this failed.

    Using the PROXY, we find that we must change the port on the 2nd screen to 443 and it appears to work and yet we have import problems. The import quietly does not import things. Nothing mentioned in the log regarding skipping or errors.

    Anyone use the import wizard in windows 7?

    Anyone use the import wizard in a proxy'd cluster? What do you use for the URL, and the ports?

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    I have used Import wizard on Win7 Office2003 without any problems.

    But you are using this wizard on system with Office 2010 which is not supported.
    The Zimbra Import Wizard for Microsoft® Outlook® (Import Wizard) lets users
    import the contents of a .pst file from a Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 mailbox
    to accounts on the Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS).

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    Default V7 of this does not state any limitations on Outlook

    Thanks but I think you are pulling data from an older version of the import wizard.

    Besides, the issues I have are not related to the format of the PST.

    But interestingly, you say that you have not seen the registry error that I'm mentioning. Wonder where that's coming from.

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