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Thread: Error in ZCS exchange migration

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    Default Error in ZCS exchange migration


    Getting error while migrating users from exchange to zimbra.

    There are more than 10000 of users so can't use pst migration....

    Is there is any other method of migrating exchange to zimbra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nbhardwaj View Post

    Getting error while migrating users from exchange to zimbra.
    Hi there, in order for someone to be able to help you, relevant information needs to be supplied:

    Please attach the m2l.log file that the ZCS Import wizard generates.

    Please also supply information about:
    • which version of Windows is the server running,
    • which version of Exchange the server is running
    • Please confirm that you are running the migration wizard on a computer that is NOT the exchange server, and which has Outlook 2003/2007 installed.
    • Please confirm that you have added "Full Mailbox Access" permissions to all mailboxes for the Outlook profile that your computer is using to run the ZCS import wizard
    Current specs:
    8.x NE + OSS KVM guests and Physical servers Ubuntu 12.04, RHEL 5 + 6 .
    on Dell server hardware.

    Previously: ZCS OSS and NE 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 variously on physical and virtual
    Twitter: @mciverza

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