We have added a Zimbra server to our infrastructure using the FOSS version. We already have an in-house scalix server that we are currently using. We are using the Zimbra webmail client mapped to the sclix datastore (pop).

I am having a very intersting problem. One domain name is on the scalix server. we have a temporary but non-existent domain on the zimbra server. each user is (pop) mapped from the old mail server that dumps into their inbox. When they send email out, it needs to relfect that it came from the origional domain. The email sends out BOTH addresses, which can get very confusing. We are using the compose menu's drop down window to select the origional domain, which is pop'd in. that email then shows both email addresses to the receiver. We only want it to show the secondary email address, and not the zimbra adress.

We cannot purchase technical support for the FOSS version. They wont sell it to us. Is there anyone out there willing to contact me to arrange for help on this issue ?