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Thread: OWM - Zimbra migration

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    Cool HELP with OWM - Zimbra migration

    I am trying to migrate from open webmail (sendmail) to Zimbra and I am using the script from I modified it to work with my directory stucture and naming scheme (we just use first name last initial). However, when it converts the messages I get the following error.
    Processing message:
    ERROR: zclient.CLIENT_ERROR (/path/to/mail/mail_name37.txt does not contain a valid RFC 822 message)

    I'm very new to perl and i don't see anywhere in the script where I can change anything to fix this error. The script does create the users folder in /tmp and converts the e-mails to .txt but never imports them into Zimbra. Also, I ran bulk provisioning prior to the mailbox conversion script to create all of the users with a default password.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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