First sorry for my english


I have two server zimbra A and B, and now I have a new server. I want to migrate all domains and users of Server A and B to new server C.

In my server A and B have installed Zimbra 6 and the new server C have installed Zimbra 7.1

I tried to use assitant of migration and always the same problems, when finaly have to complete IMAP admin credentials fail the proccess.

Then I supouse all my problems can be resolved if I use a XML file to autenticate every users, but I dont found any documentation about this file, I dont know the proccess to create this file.

Can anybody help me with this issue?

At the same time, when I configure autentication of admin IMAP credentials and fail the process, I cant found never log about it. Where is the log for this problem?

Thanks to everybody.