I upgraded Zimbra OpenSource from 3.1.x to 4.0.3 on a Suse 9.3 system.

In the upgrade process I got two very serious error messages, but after first panic they could solved very easily.

The first problem was the message:

You appear to be installing packages on a platform different
than the platform for which they were built

This platform is UNKNOWN
Packages found: zimbra-core-4.0.3_GA_406.SuSEES9-20061016141055.i386.rpm
This may or may not work

Sleeping one night and I did it anyway - and it works!!

The second problem was after a long working of the upgrade process the message:

Fri Oct 20 19:14:26 2006: Migrating ldap data
Fri Oct 20 19:14:36 2006: Checking ldap status
Fri Oct 20 19:14:37 2006: Starting ldap
Fri Oct 20 19:14:44 2006: ldap startup failed with exit code 1

Uuups - frustrated - ....

Why not try as zimbra user the command "zmcontrol start" ?

The next error message come up:

Starting ldap...Done.
sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0440, should be 0640
ERROR - failed to start slapd

Uuups - what - yes - change mode of /etc/sudoers to 0640 - zmcontrol start

Every thing works perfect !!!!