Many attempts to get this working. I did succeed in getting partial functionality. Problems that existed:

1. apachectl would not start (aspell?)
2. Wiki would not function

3. This one is the kicker and a carry over from my FC3 version: Message Que (Active) would backlog terribly when AMAVIS and DSPAM were enabled. In my FC3 version I disabled in the Admin Console so that we could at least send and receive problem free, albeit with a ton of SPAM not being filtered. I got new hardware (my FC3 is still intact if this migration proves a failure) and was really hoping that an upgrade to FC5 with the latest and greatest Zimbra would fix things up. That was not the case. Mail Que is still backlogging and disabling the AV/SPAM in Admin Console seems to have no effect. So I am worse off.

So here is where I am at now:

1. Backed up the followng directoreis: db, store, index, conf, config.15070,, the http 'conf' folder, the openldap 'etc' folder and subdirectories, openldap-data, the postfix 'conf' directory
2. Backed up these two files: config.15070 (latest install attempt),

I have just uninstalled my previous FC5 install and reinstalled it from scratch, configuring the same domain name as I had before.

Any ideas as to where I should proceed from here?