Hi there

I'm trying to use the Domino Migration Wizard from the latest version of ZCS7.1.2, but it seems I cannot get past the very first step, when the program tries to connect and authenticate to the admin port of the Zimbra server. There's a popup saying the program is unable to authenticate, invalid credentials.

The port is 7071 , comms are secured and credentials are fine because I'm able to connect to the admin web via the same port and security options. I've tried combinations too (secure/non-secure, hostname fqdn or ip, ....).

I'm running the wizard on a XP-Sp3 box, Windows2003 domain, no firewall, antivirus software has been checked and disabled for the purpose, just in case. Lotus Domino client is 8.x. The wizard prompts me for the location of notes.ini , which I provide. No logs are generated in the user's temp folder.

I've also copied the dll in the rar file of the migration wizard package to windows\system32, but no success either.

Any ideas?