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Thread: Exchange 2000 to Zimbra 7.1 OSE questions

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    Default [SOLVED]Exchange 2000 to Zimbra 7.1 OSE questions

    Hi to all, i'm going to migrate a medium-large company (about 3000 users) from an Exchange 2000 (windows 2000 server) to a Zimbra 7.1 open source edition.

    I have some question (maybe really simple for exchange experts):

    1) Zimbra migration tool use a MAPI account; is there an Exchange account that have privileges to all users? If yes, i must configure it as local MAPI account in a client?

    2) Zimbra migration tool import Exchange aliases and contacts?

    3) I must use the Zimbra migration tool from the exchange server or i can use a client with sufficient privileges?

    Thanks to all.

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