I'm looking at migrating one of our clients from Zimbra OSE 6.1 to Zimbra NE 7.0.

I'm testing out the commands from this PERL script before running it whole hog:
Zimbra to Zimbra Server Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

Imapsync works great and so does the wget/curl commands for the calendars.

The .csv is easily obtained with wget, but the import fails.

This is the command I'm running
[root@mail ~]# curl -u test@mydomain.com:testpassword --data-binary \@contacts.csv.1 https://mail.mydomain.com/service/home/test@mydomain.com/contacts?fmt=csv --insecure
And it returns an html page with this error:
Problem accessing /service/home/test@mail.bbits.ca/contacts. 
Reason:Could not parse csv file - Reason : no column name definitions
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These are the contents of my test csv:
[root@mail ~]# cat contacts.csv
"test@testing.test","Jimmy","","It's Jimmy","6048882256"
"mary@petermarypaul.com","Peter","Just make any changes that.....","Paul",""
Wondering if any of you fine folks have any suggestions?