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Thread: Error while migrating from external Exchange server

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    Default Error while migrating from external Exchange server

    Hi everybody

    For my first message in the zimbra forum, I need help for using the ZCS Wizard for Exchange migration.

    My client actually havs his Exchange 2007 server outside the office, in a service provider.
    The aim of the project is to migrate to an internal solution with Zimbra.
    In the office, I Have 2 ZCS servers (1 mail in LAN, 1 reverse proxy in DMZ).

    When I try to use the ZCS Wizard to import datas from Exchange, there's an error after choosing accounts in the object picker.

    Before that, I checked my MAPI profile. It's ok. I join my Zimbra server perfectly.
    When I arrive in the object picker to select users to migrate, I'm able to select users, but when I click on the "Ok" button, nothing appear in the window after :

    I run the wizard as an administrator on a Windows 2008 Server with Outlook 2007 installed. The server has all access to WAN.

    Can someone help me?


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    I guess your LDAP attributes are not set up for your users. When the code cannot fetch any of the specified LDAP attributes, they come back empty, and the code skips that user as it has no data available for provisioning. We need things like aliases, Exchange store, upn, etc.

    You should check how these users are set up on Exchange. You can also try the query builder, but you need good AD knowledge for this.

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    Right, but I Think my users are correctly configured in AD.
    Except maybe for Exchange settings, cause there are no Exchange UO in Active Directory 'cause the server is not in the organization.

    I continue

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