Hi everybody

For my first message in the zimbra forum, I need help for using the ZCS Wizard for Exchange migration.

My client actually havs his Exchange 2007 server outside the office, in a service provider.
The aim of the project is to migrate to an internal solution with Zimbra.
In the office, I Have 2 ZCS servers (1 mail in LAN, 1 reverse proxy in DMZ).

When I try to use the ZCS Wizard to import datas from Exchange, there's an error after choosing accounts in the object picker.

Before that, I checked my MAPI profile. It's ok. I join my Zimbra server perfectly.
When I arrive in the object picker to select users to migrate, I'm able to select users, but when I click on the "Ok" button, nothing appear in the window after :

I run the wizard as an administrator on a Windows 2008 Server with Outlook 2007 installed. The server has all access to WAN.

Can someone help me?