Hi All,

Here is the situtaion, The Current server we have is really in bad shape (Configuration files has been Badly mishandled, Users have multiple copies of messages in their mailbox) and hence our server shows extremely strange behaviour.Like admin panel show all serveces (mta, ldap,mailbox etc..) stop but when we check it through CLI zmcontrol status every thing show working.. Mailboxd do not come up after rebooting server or restarting zmcontrol

I would installing the same ZCS version on RHEL 5.1 (My current platform is same) however I do not want migrate whole /opt/zimbra and have same issues with new server as well, I would rather like to have only users mail box moved to new server.

I went through couple of post and did realise that it would need the migration of mysql (I guess (/opt/zimbra/db) ldap (do not know which folder to copy) index (/opt/zimbra/index) messages (/opt/zimbra/store) . and I would need to create mail for all users.

I am sure there have to a good way of doing it.Please correct me if i am wrong, All your help would be highly appreciated.