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Thread: Guide for moving from server to server?

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    Default Guide for moving from server to server?

    I have one zimbra (7.1.1) install currently running on a server with CentOS 6.
    which runs for domain (just as an example).
    and hosts another domain (in Zimbra).

    Now I have a new / alternative Server with Ubuntu 10.04 and Zimbra 7.1.2 smoothly running. but with another domain (

    What I'd like to do now is to migrate all user accounts and the data (mail, Calendar, Tasks, ...) to the new server...

    is there any easy to follow guide on how to achieve this?

    the only thing I found was for Zimbra 5... and the rest reffered to the network edition... (I have the OS edition.)



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    There are many ways to migrate your data from one server to another:

    But with these ways, all the shared items in a mailbox loss consistent through the migration, as do the ACLs and items tagging.

    If you want to to migrate your data without any issue, migrating accounts preferences and passwords also, you can use ZeXtras Migration Tool | Zimbra :: Gallery.
    Cine - Community Manager - ZeXtras

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    Cine - thanks...

    I'll use the ZeXtras tool... sounds like the easiest way to do so..

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