Running the outlook connector on Windows 7 Pro 64bit and office 2010 32bit with the 32bit outlook connector. Zimbra server is offsite at a datacenter.

1) how can i disable error reporting emails that are titled "Local Failure Notice" from appearing to users? I would prefer that it either just appear in a log on the server or emailed to the server admin.

2) it seems that a lot of integration options arent showing in Outlook. No zimbra share options when right clicking on a calendar or contacts list, etc.

3) probably more a migration issue, but many imported calendar items just say Busy and no longer say the the subject of the actual event.

4) Ever noticed that the outlook zimbra connector takes up a lot of bandwidth even way after the imports have been completed? I am not 100% on this, but the small offices internet appears to be extremely slow (almost unusable at times) the same day i switched them to zimbra from imap/pop3.

Thanks for your time, I sincerely appreciate any ideas/solutions.