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Thread: Migration issue Exchange calendar color

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    Default Migration issue Exchange calendar color

    I ran into the following issue when migrating about 20 users from Exchange to Zimbra, using the migration tool. For at least one of the users (I haven't asked any others yet), their colors for their calendar items were not correctly migrated, instead, they get a bunch of gibberish for their location field on all their items. Any idea on what might be causing this? The Exchange version is Exchange 2000 on Windows Server 2000, and the Zimbra version is the latest.

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    Default Distribution lists

    Also, it seems like none of the user-specific distribution lists they set up were moved across either. This isn't a big deal, but if there was a way to get them migrated, I would like to know about it.

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    Calendar colors aren't fixed in exchange/outlook. Outlook picks the color as you select which calendars to display. So calendar color cannot be migrated.

    A future version will support migration of PDL's but as of today these are not migrated.

    There shouldn't be gibberish in the location field of imported appintments unless its the same gibberish that was in the original appointment. Can you save the original appointment as a .msg file and PM it to me please?
    Sam Khavari

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