Hi to all,
i'm testing a migration to Zimbra (for now, the open source one) from a legacy imap/pop3/smtp server.

After a lot of reading i agree to try the shared domain migration strategy with pop3/imap proxying to the old mail server because i need to migrate one user at time in a transparent mode.

To do this i suppose to place Zimbra (maybe only the proxy) in front of the current (old) mail server and fetch al pop/imap/smtp requests.

For the smtp i have made
zmprov md mydomain.com zimbraMailCatchAllAddress @mydomain.com
zmprov md mydomain.com zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress @mydomain.com
zmprov md mydomain.com zimbraMailTransport smtp:oldserver
And all works fine, all emails not hosted in zimbra are forwarded to the old server.

Now i need to configure the pop/imap access but i don't know how to provide this settings.
I can only suppose who i need to create all accounts and set the MailTransport per account for the smtp relay, but after a lot of searchs with google, your forum and wiki i can't find how to set and unset the imap/pop proxy.

Best regards and good job.
PS: sorry for my bad English.