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Thread: Please Skip Calendar in Import Wizard

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    Default Please Skip Calendar in Import Wizard

    Hi, I've been evaluating Zimbra since version 3.x, and I was satisfied that it would be a fine replacement for our old Microsoft Exchange 5.5 server. I then noticed that version 4.x became available and that it could import calendar info from .PST files. Great! So, I began re-evaluating the new version.

    Zimbra Import Wizard v3.x was working fine. But now that Zimbra Import Wizard v4.x attempts to import the calenar info, it aborts due to too many errors. So, could you please oh please have a checkbox in the Import Wizard to skip the calendar info? While it would be nice to have the calendar info, I'd rather skip it than have it fail.

    I want to present Zimbra to my managers so I can get approval to buy it, but I'm stuck until the import works properly and consistently. We're getting inundated with spam and I would like to switch to Zimbra ASAP.


    Torsten Pihl
    Support, please see case #00005454

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    As per...
    ...I did the following...
    up2date compat-libstdc++-33 --arch=i386
    ...and now the Import Wizard v4.0.3 is working under Red Hat EL 4 64-bit.

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    Default Export Zimbra Calendar Data

    What is the procedure to export calendar data (ics) from the Zimbra web client?


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    Default REST access to calendar

    Check out the wiki for information on .ics access to your zimbra calendar.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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