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Thread: Migration from SLES 11 (cyrus + ldap) + egroupware to Zimbra 7

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    Lightbulb Migration from SLES 11 (cyrus + ldap) + egroupware to Zimbra 7 [SOLVED]

    Hi to all.

    First of all sorry for the long post, I have been reading the forums and the wiki but cant find answers regarding some things of our setup.

    We are currently using a mail server based on SLES 11 with postfix as MTA, cyrus as IMAP server, LDAP (openldap) as authentication backend and also as addressbook repository. And want to evaluate if I can replace this with Zimbra Opensource.

    Our users use egroupware as webmail and some prefer desktop application and uses thunderbird (they only access addressbook in query mode).

    Our current architecture is like this:

    Internal LAN:

    Main Server (file server + ldap server + dns + dhcp + postfix + cyrus + spamassasin + clamAV + amavis) (SLES 11 sp1)

    Hylafax + emailing server (hylafax + postfix ) email to fax+ print to email (SLES 11 sp1)

    Firewall: (smoothwall)


    external mail server and web server (apache + squid + postfix + spamassasin + clamAV + amavis) (opensuse 11.4)

    Outgoing mail

    internal users connect to main server and all outgoing mail is relayed to external mail server then to the internet.

    they can print to email to our Hylafax server and this will be relayed also trough the external mail server.

    they can also email to fax via our Main Server, this email with syntax like will be relayed to our hylafax server, this process this emails with a fax service (in and send the emaill and its attachementes as faxes to the destination

    Incoming Mail

    All incoming mail is received by external mail server that checks spam and viruses and check valid users vs the internal ldap and then relay the accepted mail to internal mail server that also check virus and spam and delivers to cyrus imap

    What I want to know is if I can integrate Zimbra in this environment with a new server (or virtual server) and continue using SLES ldap as authentication backend and then migrate ldap addressbook to zimbra and cyrus mailboxes to zimbra.

    Also I want to know if I can setup the zimbra server in parallel of the current server so I can test with a few users.

    In fact I want to maintain (at least in the beginning) the external mail server intact as a postfix receiver and relaying all outgoing from Zimbra to this external mail server . Also I need to maintain the hylafax server working like this, so zimbra should be able to relay to use differentiated transports based on destination address (or to specify a transport for a specific host.domain)

    I have an empty server with 2 GB Ram and 2 x 73 GB SAS HD, could this be enough for a test server? (we plan to install it on a SLES 11 + sp1)

    currently we are about 30 users.
    /var/lib/ldap is about 60 MB
    /var/lib/imap is about 60 MB
    /var/spool/imap is about 30 GB

    thanks to all
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