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Thread: Migration using external cyrus store

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    Default Migration using external cyrus store

    I've used imapsync to sync up accounts between running imap servers, but is there any way to migrate mail data from, say, a Mac OSX 10.4 cyrus install by using good copies of it's /var/imap and /var/spool/imap? Say if I manually create accounts for all the users in zimbra beforehand, can I use something like zmlmtpinject?

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    Default Why not imapsync?

    I'm not sure if Cyrus' format is file-per-folder, file-per-user, or file-per-message; zmlmtpinject expects file-per-message.

    Even if you could do it using zmlmtpinject, imapsync is significantly better because it preserves folder hierarchy, read state, received dates, etc.
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    i used zmlmtpinject to import two cyrus accounts on a mac os x server but I wouldn't recommend it if you have lots of accounts or accounts with folders.

    You have to prune all the cyrus specific files from the folder before importing and all files will end up in the inbox.

    There's a script in chapter 9 of the O'Reilly Managing IMAP that with a little modification would handle the import.

    imapsync is kind of a hassle for a same box migration because you have to configure one of the servers on a different port.

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