Hi All,

Currently deploying Zimbra. Using a program called Aid4Mail to package users old local data from Outlook (pst) and turn it into something Zimbra can handle (importing into local folders).

Works great, but on some uses that have really big pst files (4 - 10GB) it works fine -- then all of a sudden starts combining folders, putting things in the wrong place, missing messages, etc. Just really weird behavior. Not seeing this on any of our users with smaller amounts of data (2GB or less).

Using Outlook 2003 data structure, scanning the pst first with inbox repair tool, then exporting with aid4mail, then importing into Local Folders in Zimbra. We want to use local folders due to the volume of data -- it would be impossible for us to pull all of this in to the server and store it there.

Is there a size or number of message limit for local folders? If so, what is it? Anyone else see similar behavior? Thanks!