I'm wondering how I should go about configuring and installing Zimbra that will become my production system. I currently have a test server setup and working but it is using a dummy domain. So everything I've done with it is pure laboratory / clean room testing which does not accurately portray how I will be migrating...just simply how to use Zimbra.

My current mail server is Exchange 2003 and is handling all internal email. I have an external ISP which handles our external mail by having external mailboxes (they use Zimbra...how funny is that!). We then configure our Outlook clients to connect to our Exchange server (IMAP) and another account to send/receive (POP3) external email.

My question is this...how to I configure the DNS of my Zimbra box that will replace the current production system? Do I tell it to act exactly how it will work when we cut it over? It just won't work or validate as the authority for the domain since the MX record is not pointing to it.

I'm thinking that I just set it up exactly how it will be in production, then have the MX record point to the new IP...thus bypassing our ISP's mailboxes which will become useless. Then go through the migration wizard to port Exchange data to Zimbra. Is that about right?