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Thread: Migration path?? ZCS OpenSource on FedoraCore4 to RedHat4 to ZCS NE

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    Default Migration path?? ZCS OpenSource on FedoraCore4 to RedHat4 to ZCS NE

    What would be the general steps for this kind of upgrade migration?.... I have a fully-functioning ZCS Ver. 4.0.3 OpenSource installation running under Fedora Core 4. The end goal is to migrate this installation to the Network Edition running under RedHat. How do I get there? Do I need to first install OpenSource on Redhat? And how do I move the "/opt/zimbra" files, and at what stage? Most everything is running smoothly now, and I don't want to risk damaging any files or synchronization. I have full backups, but don't know the steps for a proper file restoration. Any help is welcome.

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    Please don't post the same message in multiple forums.

    You'll need to have the same version working on your new server as you've go on FC4 for the initial migration. There's several posts in the forums on migrating to new hardware for the OSS version of ZImbra, follow them and when you're installed on RHEL you can just perform an upgrade to the NE version.


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