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Thread: Migrating from Courier-IMAP to Zimbra with Imapsync - error

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    Default Migrating from Courier-IMAP to Zimbra with Imapsync - error

    Hi all!

    I have an old Postfix/Courier-IMAP mail server and a new Zimbra 7.1.3 Network Edition Server.
    I want migrate a mailbox from IMAP to Zimbra. I choose the imapsync method for this operation. I read the Zimbra Wiki for this.
    Everything looks fine but I found a "little" problem.
    When I go to the "Sent" folder (in Zimbra of course after the migration) in the column of sent mails is everything my name (with my e-mail address).
    Normally in this column must be shown the name of the recipients not my (sender) name.

    I attached a picture from this problem. Shown: I choose the "Sent" folder. I select an e-mail (all e-mail has "Bordács" in the "To" column). And in inside of the e-mail shown the real situation: Bordács is the sender and proba@... is the recipient.

    So the problem is the following: After entering the Sent folder in the "To" column showing the sender address not the recipients adresses.

    I tried twice the migration but the problem is constant.
    I used the following command:
    imapsync --buffersize 8192000 --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates --host1 hostofimap --user1 useronimap@hostofimap --password1 password --noauthmd5 --host2 hostofzimbra --user2 useronzimbra@hostofzimbra --password2 password --ssl2

    This command is ended without errors.
    I checked this problem on Zimbra Desktop and Zimbra WEBmail. There is no difference.

    Do you see this problem?
    Do you have any idea what can I do?
    What do you think this problem is Zimbra problem or imapsync problem? If I sent a new e-mail from my Zimbra account in the Sent folder shown the good "To" field: the recipient name (or e-mail address).

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    I installed a test computer with simple IMAP and roundcube.
    I tried the imapsync to this computer. After login to the rouncube webmail I go to the "Sent" folder. All sent e-mails shown fine I see the recipient's name (or email address) not my name (or my e-mail address).
    So I think the imapsync is working good. But if the remote host is Zimbra host I got this problem.

    Nobody hasn't this problem?
    Any idea?

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    I tried two additional ways:
    1) I started Mozilla Thunderbird and I creted two accounts. The first account for the old IMAP server. I want migrate from this server.
    The second account is the new Zimbra server's IMAP (143) port.

    I go to the first account (old IMAP server) Sent folder. I selected all sent e-mails and I moved this mails to the second (Zimbra IMAP) account's "Sent" folders with "drag and drop".

    2) I started Zimbra Desktop software. I created two accounts as above: One account for the old IMAP server and one account is a new Zimbra account.
    I moved from the old server's IMAP account to the Zimbra's "Sent" folder with drag and drop function.

    In both cases in the Zimbra account's "Sent" folder the e-mails are bad. All e-mails has my name (Bordács) as recipient in the "To" column. So I can't see anymore who write and send the e-mails.

    Everything is shown as my the first post attachment.

    I haven' t any idea to the correct e-mail migration. I can't lose this informations: who was the recipients in my Sent folder e-mails.

    Has anyone any idea?

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    I am not sure if this is a problem related to imapsync. It looks your Zimbra version does it wrong.

    However, as I am the founder of audriga I would love to migrate your emails to see if my service does it right ( :-)

    audriga offers a mail migration service that is currently in beta. As long as the service is in beta mail migrations are for free.

    So if you are interested in migrating mails with the audriga migration service for free please feel free to contact me (

    Best regards,

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