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Thread: ZIMBRA+Centos 4.4 migrating from Exchange 5.5 give invalid profile

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    Default ZIMBRA+Centos 4.4 migrating from Exchange 5.5 give invalid profile

    Hi , team:

    When i try to migrate, using the migrate wizard, i get the followin error when i try to use the MAPI profiles created .

    Invalid Profile
    The profile may not be exchange profile.

    This error is displayed when i use the profile chooser and select one profile , created specially for the migration.

    The exchange server only use the internet connector, that is, is used as a internet mail server.

    I created other 2 profiles using HTTP , IMAP and , inclusive, Exchange accounts, giving the same error.
    For this reason i think that the error is not caused by the server.

    The ZImbra is the Open Source Version , last version.

    Please , i need urgent help My exchange server only have 4 gb of space in disk and i need to migrate fast.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jorge Gaete
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    I coming too late, but ... to answer it : Migrating from Exchange - Zimbra :: Wiki

    You'll find a complete guide to migrate MS-Exchange 5.5 from ZCS. Perhaps a solution ?

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