Since this is my first post on your forum I would like to take a line or two as to say Hi and thanks for any help anyone can offer. I come from a background of windows servers and have been only working with linux for about 1 year from beginner to where I am now which I think is not bad progress as I migrated 12 Linux servers from P2V using nothing but terminal.

I am now trying to move our company away from hostgator hosting our emails and insted using Zimbra as I prefer it over Exchange in this enviroment. I am however suffering a bit with this task as I cant get my head around some of the concepts.

I need some guidence and would apreceate any help I can get. Ill detail where I am at.

Installed and configured Zimbra on a new CentOS 6.1 Linux VM.
thats it.......

I am now trying to get my head around mx records and A records. I am lost compleatly.

This is what I want to accomplish.
I have a website site at www.sylvester20007.com I need this to remain active along with the FTP sites and all that stuff, at the same time I want the emails that go to @sylvester20007.com to go to my onsite zimbra server.

I have not done anything on my linux CentOS DNS server regarding the config as I cant get my head around what im ment to do with it in the first place or if ment to do anything to it to start with.

I have not changed anything in terms of firewalls yet.

I need to know what I need to change where on my network to get this going.

I'm sorry to have gone on a bit, just needed to make sure I was making some kind of sence.

In advance I apreceate any help anyone can offer to get my brain working in the right direction, I'm quite sharp so I'll pick up what your saying very quickly with little or no effort.

Kind Regards