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Thread: Can Zimbra server be used just for addressbook/calendar sharing?

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    Question Can zimbra use other email servers (Imap, pop)?

    I've just been taking a look at zimbra, and I like the centralised server arrangement, unification between the email client, address book, calendar and others through zimlets.

    We here in the house who want to collaborate already have several email accounts, which we all check in our existing mail clients. From looking at the documentation it seems that the zimbra ajax mail client will only talk to the zimbra server. Is it possible to use zimbra without running an MTA, and somehow use zimbra to collect mail from other accounts, while still using all the other zimbra features?
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    This question has been asked many time on the forums, the answer is no, Zimbra is an all-in-one package. If you want to use Zimbra the either import the mail from your other accounts using something like imapsync and/or run a fetchmail cron job to regularly fetch your email from external accounts.


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    Default POP and identities

    You should be able to fake things out reasonably well by using two new features in version 4.5: POP aggregation (to retrieve mail from your other mailboxes) and identities (to send mail as those users).
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