I have usual task for this forum: to migrate 6.15/ubuntu8/32 to latest/ubuntu10/64 (or, may be to ubuntu12).
As many of IT-sts with greedy bosses, I used the OSE ZCS. But it lacks the migration/backup internal tools. There are many workarounds I found on this forum, but I never seen the following proposal:

1. NE becames OSE after the trial period expires
2. Upgrading OSE/8/32 to NE/8/32
3. Backing up this old-new installation with built-in zmbackup
4. Installing NE/10(12)/64 onto new server
5. Restoring data, saved on step 3 with built-in zmrestore (or whatever)
6. Killing old server
7. After trial period for new NE/10/64 expires, it becomes OSE/10/64.

It seems to be much easier than other ways I've seen here. Is anything wrong with my idea?

NB. It is just an idea, I did not made such transition because I will not to "steal", and I just want to know what does Zimbra crew thinks about.