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Thread: Migration from Exchange 2010 > ZCS NE

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    Default Migration from Exchange 2010 > ZCS NE


    I have a successful ZCS NE installation running under ubuntu. I'm currently in the mids of doing the Exchange Migration. I have a machine runnning XP and Outlook 2003 to perform the migration. (I tried using Outlook 2010 under Win7, but it just gave me a whole heap of problems).

    Right now I am stuck at the portion of the migration where the ZCS Migration Wizard asks me to Begin the Import Process? ... I click "Ok" to initiate and immediately I get this (see pic below) pop-up window.

    Clicking "OK" on the pop-up window gets me no where with the error "Changes cannot be made while mail is running. Please logoff and try again" and I therefore have no choice but to choose "Cancel" instead which errors out as well and I get "Import Halted, Import Halted Due to Errors".

    I've also attached my error log for review.

    Please help!
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    ...and just like that I figured it out.

    Turns out the profile I was using didn't have enough permissions to the Exchange Store.


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