I have a client using our Zimbra server which is in our data centre. Currently they have a Microsoft file server in their office and use Outlook on their desktop. On their individual PC's they're synchronizing their contacts and calendars in Outlook with a few programs including Simply Accounting and Timberline etc. What they're missing is the ability to sync the calandars with one-another and to the webmail users.

So, in a nutshell:
1. they want to be able to sync calendars, mail, files, tasklists and most importantly contacts with anyone/everyone in their organization.
2. most of the staff want to continue using Outlook as their email/collaboration client.
3. they want synchronization between other software like Simply Accounting.
4. they want to sync to their mobile devices.

At the moment they are not using the outlook connector so they're not syncing anything from Zimbra to Outlook other than email using IMAP.

I'm not sure how to approach this. Can programs like Simply Accounting sync their data directly to a remote Zimbra server? Once the data is on the remote server I would imagine it's just a case of sharing the contact lists etc. with their staff, and having each staff using the Outlook Connector to sync from zimbra to Outlook on their desktop?