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Thread: Mapping Exchange User IDs to ZCS User IDs

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    Default Mapping Exchange User IDs to ZCS User IDs

    Since I am unable to get full admin access for an exchange server that is hosted by the clients old IT company which houses other domains as well and since they will not give me LDAP access as well, I have been looking over:

    I have created the xml file from scrach, and my file looks like:

    It wont take the xml file. What am I doing wrong?
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    Why hasn't Zimbra helped with this? Where is the support group?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cameronove View Post
    Why hasn't Zimbra helped with this?
    I've already told you, these forums are Community supported not official Zimbra support. If you're a Network Edition customer then you can conatct support via the Support portal, if you're an OSS user then support is via these forums. In any case, the people that answer the questions on the forums do so on a voluntary basis and when they have the time. You can also do some research yourself by searching the forums for and answer or looking in bugzilla to see if it's already been reported, if it hasn't then file a bug report or an RFE.


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