Last week our organizations Exchange Server went down, so we are looking for a way to get off of it. After spending 36+ hours fixing a corrupted .edb database, we have decided that Microsoft is not the direction we want to go in. Along comes Zimbra, and I begin testing it. While running the ZCS Migration Wizard on our eight year old Exchange 2003, everything seems to go fine up to the last section, "Import In Progress". It has been sitting there for about a half an hour "importing" a mailbox that only has 1 sent and 1 received message.

One thing about our domain is, users logon to but all of their mailboxes are Basically, internally we have a domain name, but the prior admin did not purchase that domain name. By the time we went to purchase the domain name we use internally, someone else already had it.

The one-step importation tool also fails to work for me on the Exchange 2003 side. While running the Migration Wizard from the Zimbra Web Administration Interface, it runs, and spits out the ZCSMigrationWizard and the XML file describing the users to import. Upon running that XML file on the Windows Box, it spits out a log that looks like this:

Currently Running Versions:

Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition Service Pack 2
Microsoft Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2

ZCS Network 7.2 for Ubuntu 10.04 on Ubuntu 10.04