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Thread: Mirroring all messages from zimbra to kerio.

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    Default Mirroring all messages from zimbra to kerio.


    I'm trying to migrate my mail server from kerio connect to ZCS. Since I'm beginner in zimbra, I want to perform migration with the simultaneous existence of these two servers, zimbra as primary and kerio as backup mail server in order of their DNS MX records priority. So, I manually synced all of my user accounts using imapsync and now I need to keep these servers synchronized for some test period (one month). How can I perform this migration plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexey.ivlev View Post
    How can I perform this migration plan?
    You won't find that easy, search the forums and the wiki for "Split Domain" to find out how to run the two servers simultaneously and migrate your users.


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    Thanks Bill for your advice regarding "Split Domain" keyword, I've found a lot information about it, but this is not actually what I need. Splitting and mirroring are not equal. For example this command from wiki:

    $ zmprov ma zimbraMailTransport

    will forward all messages for account to my secondary server which actually stores all messages for this account. But this is only second half of the functionality that I need. The first is local copy of the messages for on my ZCS server. How can I obtain this first half of the required functiounality?

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